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Hospitality NZ's Social Media Tips

At this years Rotorua Matariki Dish Challenge launch, Melissa Renwick from Hospitality NZ ran a social media workshop to show us how to succeed online. Here are some of the top tips that Harriet took away from this course...

-Create a cohesive look and feel for your social media channels and stick to it. Allow your followers to get to know your brand and don't confuse them with conflicting styles and voices.

-Know your objectives; are you trying to build brand awareness, generate more business or maybe build your database?

-Know your ideal customer and create content to suit them.

-Create a strategy to achive your objectives/goals.

-Choose 1-2 social media platforms and make them great rather than trying to create content across them all. Who your target customer/audience is should help narrow down which platforms to use.

-A content calender is your friend. Take time each week to schedule a weeks (or more) worth of content so it isn't a daily struggle of what to post. 

-81% of the population have at least one form of social media. 70% of businesses have aquired customers through facebook and over 83% of instagram users have bought a product through instagram itself. 

-Know your competition and identify what's working for them or not.

-Complete a Google My Business profile and keep it updated. Reply to reviews, good or bad and keep opening hours updated.

Once you've started to out more effort into social media, monitor the results and identify what you need to improve or spend more time on, what works and what your customers/followers engage in.