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Rotorua Matariki Dish Challenge 2023

Rotorua, the North Island town set on the stunning lake of the same name is renowned for its geothermal activity and Māori culture and now its food celebrating both these.

This Winter celebrate Matariki and be dazzled by the region’s culinary stars.

Postponement of Matariki Dish Challenge to Matariki 2024

The Rotorua Matariki Dish Challenge, an eagerly anticipated culinary event celebrating indigenous kai, will be postponed from Matariki 2023 to Matariki 2024 due to resource pressures on our participating food and hospitality providers. The decision was made after careful consideration by the organizing committee, taking into account the need to ensure the event's continued success and the ability to deliver an exceptional experience for all participants and manuhiri.

The Matariki Dish Challenge, first launched in 2022, quickly became a beloved culinary experience, bringing together local chefs, local food enthusiasts, and members of the community to showcase the richness and creativity of indigenous cuisine. The inaugural event received overwhelming support and participation, offering a unique opportunity to explore and celebrate the diverse flavours and cultural heritage of our region.

Vanessa Wallace, Business Events Manager for RotoruaNZ, expressed her understanding of the postponement and shared her optimism for the future, saying, "While we regret the postponement of the Matariki Dish Challenge for 2023, we are confident that this decision will enable us to deliver an even more remarkable experience in 2024. The event has already proven to be a tremendous success, and we are excited to see what next year's challenge will bring. We remain committed to promoting indigenous kai and creating a platform that honours the traditions and innovations of our talented local chefs."

The Matariki Dish Challenge has been an occasion where culinary boundaries are pushed, and the creative fusion of traditional ingredients and modern techniques is celebrated. The event showcases the incredible talent and expertise of our local chefs, who have demonstrated their ability to showcase indigenous flavours and culinary techniques in innovative and captivating ways.

As we eagerly await Matariki 2024, the extended preparation time will provide an opportunity for participants to delve deeper into the richness of indigenous ingredients and culinary traditions. It is an occasion to honour the history and significance of Matariki, which symbolizes the Maori New Year and the beginning of the harvest season.

RotoruaNZ would like to extend their gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and supporters who have shown unwavering enthusiasm for the Matariki Dish Challenge. The event's success is a testament to the dedication and passion of everyone involved, and we look forward to welcoming you all to the Matariki 2024, where we will embark on another extraordinary culinary journey.


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